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2022 - 2024

  • Actively participated in the AG/Science Academy at Tracy High School, a specialized program catering to students with a strong interest in science and agriculture.

  • Demonstrated a genuine passion for science and agriculture, showing commitment to exploring career options and individual educational goals within the program.

  • Engaged in integrated core classes, including English, Social Studies, and Science, fostering a holistic understanding of how science and agriculture directly influence our daily lives.

  • Collaborated with fellow students in the Academy to encourage knowledge-sharing and peer-driven learning experiences.

  • Actively contributed to Academy projects and activities, showcasing a dedication to the program's goals and objectives.

  • Demonstrated excellent time management and organizational skills to balance the unique demands of the AG/Science Academy with other academic responsibilities.

  • Developed a deeper appreciation for the connections between science, agriculture, and daily life, exemplifying the Academy's mission to inspire and educate students in these fields.

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